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Finding it difficult to fill your banking and financial jobs with the right candidates? Don’t worry as we at Intellect Minds are experts at providing job recruiting services in Malaysia.  We are a top recruitment agency for filling all levels of banking and financial positions whether it is staff accountant, financial analyst, teller, account manager, accountant, business analyst, senior accountant, accounting manager, buyer, senior financial analyst or any other banking position in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur.

In an era of growing technological dependence, depending on your in-house development team would not be a wise thing do. Nor is it viable to invest unreasonably in installing newest technical capabilities within the organization and updating its competence.

Intellect Minds provides dedicated software maintenance and support services that will alleviate the burden of software maintenance off your shoulders and thus, help you concentrate more on your core business functions rather than racking your brain for finding answer to your technological hitches. Intellectual Minds is equipped with a team of expert software professionals who are time-tested for their skills. When we take up a challenge, we take the complete responsibility of providing you with continual maintenance and support services. The wants and needs of each organization are different, so are the problems and solutions. The challenges you face arise from a given circumstance and hence, are unique in their own way. We analyze your problem and then design a custom-made technological solution. For that, we first try and understand your business objectives, after which out team of experts work closely with you to develop proven and tested solutions.

Types of Managed Services Available


Adaptive Maintenance and Support - We offer to make all necessary modifications and revisions to your software to sharpen the performance and to adapt to the changes.

Corrective Maintenance and Support - We fix the errors in your software system, be it logical errors, coding errors, or design errors.

Preventive Maintenance – We take proactive measures to ensure maximum efficacy and upgrade your software for future requirements.


We have a dedicated team to look into software maintenance strategies and to provide continual support. We make sure that you get round-the-clock troubleshooting and real-time solutions for all the technical and technological problems you face.

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