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Application Development & Support


To keep your business up and running in today’s highly competitive market, it is important that you keep pace with the latest technologies & innovations. You need cost-effective, easily deployable and reliable technological assistance to put your ideas into action.


Intellect Minds has assembled a team of expert IT professionals to allow clients to benefit from bespoke solutions that cater to their requirements. From small entrepreneurs to industrial giants, our clients are thoroughly satisfied with our value-for-money products and services that ensure the best technological solution for your business.


Intellect Minds BPM Solutions

Intellect Minds’s Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions provide the tools to optimize dynamic system changes to achieve strategic objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

Some issues obstructing an organizations growth are: lack of visibility and ownership of processes, lack of information, poor communication, in-correct reporting, and redundant IT systems.


  • IM BPM Solution Highlights:
    Streamline Operations – we assist you in obtaining a clear view of your critical process flows. We work in a structured manner to analyze and identify gaps and inefficiencies in your processes.  A collaborated approach to the gathering and collation of information is provided to improve operating processes and seamless integration of management solutions.Awarding the right knowledge to Employees – for a successful business it is important that the employees have clarity on their respective roles and responsibilities and are aware of various regulatory compliances. IM BPM Solutions assists in improving employee efficiencies resulting in business growth.
  • Top Contract Recruiter In Malaysia & Kl
    Intellect Minds (IM) is a leading contract recruitment company assisting firms, government, businesses and organizations to fill their ad-hoc and contract jobs in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. Our experienced IM contract recruitment team will work with you to find the best candidates at the best contract rate. Give us a call or email us with your contract job requirement and our team will respond in less than a day so that you can start with finding the right person as soon as possible.